A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

I made this game for Cool Jams Inc. a 48 Hour game jam.

Press 'A' and 'D' to turn, follow the arrow and don't crash!

Known Issues:

•If you lose the arrow will no longer point you in the right direction: This is now a feature insinuating that when you die you do not come back and instead have entered a type of purgatory where you don't know whether to trust what you are told or your canine aviator instincts.

•Text formatting on like all the menus: This was a game jam so you're lucky you get a menu at all. (I didn't have time to test more resolutions and while it fits sometimes there are exceptions)

•Instant win when you start the game: Congratulations, we could tell just by looking at your dog that it was a winner. No proof necessary.

Install instructions

Good luck.


Get A Load of That Dog.app.zip 13 MB
Get a Load of That Dog_Windows.zip 11 MB

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